Import System

Q. Which operating systems are compatible with the Import System?
A. Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows7* only, are compatible.

Q. How can I run the Import system on operating systems (8, 8.1 & 10) which are not compatible? 
A. Download a virtual application to your pc (eg VirtualBox) and install a compatible operating system * in it.
 Q. Where can I download the required Java Versions?
A. Click here, and once the pop up window prompts you, click on save to download the Java pack zip file to a location on your computer. Once the download is complete unzip the downloaded file and proceed to read instructions included. Learn more.
Q.  How do I go about installing the Java versions required by the Import application for use on workstations having Windows XP or Windows 7 as their operating system?
A. Before starting the procedure make sure that all previous versions of Java are uninstalled.

  • Run and install the Java 6 version.
  • After installation completes go to the Control Panel, double click the Java icon and disable the update feature.
  • Proceed to install the 1.4.2_18 version.
  • Once again go to the Control Panel, Java icon and choose the 3rd tab Java, click view and you should see both Java versions platforms. Untick tickbox for Java 1.6 and leave ticked tickbox for 1.4 only.

Learn more.

Users running Windows 7, right-click the desktop and from the drop down click personalize, then choose windows classic theme from the themes. Learn more.

Recommended browser for Windows XP is Internet Explorer 8 and for Windows 7 Internet Explorer 10*to11* (*might require compatibility setting).

Q. How do I clear my Java Cache? In order to resolve some of the problems associated with launching the Import application, it may be necessary to clear the Java Cache.
A. To clear the Java cache, navigate to the Control Panel and click the Java 32 bit icon. To proceed, download and open the document to learn more