Media Release: New National Import System

Customs Department

Media Release: New National Import System

 It has already been publicly pronounced that the Customs Department is in the process of launching its new National Import System (NIS) intended for the clearance of imported goods.  The Department is now announcing that the migration from the present system to the new system will take place during this coming weekend.  Thus, being a weekend, Customs will ascertain that there will be no disturbance to the flow of trade.

 The migration process will follow these arrangements: 

  1. the present import system (CES), the National Export System (NES) and the Manifest module will be switched off on Friday, 28th July at 1330 hrs;
  2. the Manifest module will be available on Sunday, 30th July at 0800 hrs;
  3. the National Export System (NES) and the new National Import System (NIS) will go live on Monday, 31st July at 0600 hrs, saving no unforeseen problems are encountered;
  4. for urgent imports and exports taking place between Friday, 28th July at 1330 hrs and Monday, 31st July at 0600 hrs, for which no electronic declaration to Customs has been submitted prior to the switching off of the present system, a completely manual Simplified Administrative Document (SAD) is required;
  5. traders requiring this emergency service are advised to call at the respective offices or email Director Compliance & Systems Mr Alan Mamo (alan.mamo@gov.mt); and
  6. economic operators are encouraged to visit the Department’s website (www.customs.gov.mt) which is being continuously updated with the latest developments.

The Customs Department is committed to ease every negative impact and apologies for any inconvenience caused.