Press Release: Customs Department to tighten enforcement grip

In order to combat excise tax evasion and contraband activity, the Customs Department has increased the number of searches at outlets and open air markets and, with the arrival of the summer season, the Department is committed to tighten its enforcement grip.

In fact, the move has been felt, with the Department recording an increase in positive cases over last year. In the past couple of months alone, over 260,000 contraband cigarettes have been seized from bars, pastizzeria's, and outlets, while hundreds of bottles of wine and alcoholic beverages are being seized from restaurants and shops on a daily basis.

The Customs Department is also gearing up to clamp down on the use of illegal fuel, increasing the number of field tests to hamper the illegal operations.

The Customs Department encourages the public to assist the Department by providing any information one might have about the sale of contraband cigarettes, alcohol or any illegal activity by calling anonymously on 2568 5124. The Department reminds the public that, as from this year, tougher penalties on contraband cigarettes have been introduced.