Attn: All Economic Operators - Electronic issuance of ATR Certificate – Absence of signature

Attn:  All Economic Operators


Subject:  Electronic issuance of ATR Certificate – Absence of signature


Following the attached document, you are hereby being informed that non-signed ATR Certificates will not be accepted by Customs.  Thus, the following procedure will be followed during the release of goods:


  • Releasing officer will not accept non-signed ATR Certificate
  • Import Duty and VAT due to be paid accordingly
  • A CUST file will be registered
  • Non-signed ATR certificate will be sent to the Turkish authorities for its endorsement
  • Duty paid will be refunded when the signed ATR certificate is returned to the Maltese Customs

All economic operators are to ensure that adequate documentation is available for any ex-post checks on goods already released.  Therefore, any certificate issued between 24th April and 12th July, both days included, where goods have already been released, the declarant is requested to submit this certificate to the customs authority.


For any further clarification, kindly contact Ms. Maria Santucci at the Customs Economic Procedures Unit (CEPU).

ATR Absence of signature