The Malta Customs Mobile App

The Customs Department prides itself in being a forerunner in the use of mobile services offered by Government.
The initial release of the mobile app was officially launched in October 2015 and consisted of the Import Calculator with its main functionality being the provision of an estimation of the taxes and duties to be paid when one imports goods from non-EU countries.
However, the first major release of the mobile app named Malta Customs was developed and launched for the general public in March 2017, as part of the Malta Government suite of mobile apps. It consisted of the functionality provided in the initial release together with other additional functionalities to further improve the dissemination of information whilst, at the same time, facilitating the communication between users and Malta Customs Department. The app menu included:

  • a Customs notice board;
  • news and events;
  • offices’ opening hours;
  • import duty calculator;
  • useful links 
  • and a contact form.
The latest version of the Customs Mobile App was launched in May 2018. This upgraded version includes two main screens, namely: a Main Menu and a Home Screen, consisting of the same previous functionalities while introducing a new feature whereby users of the National Import and Export System (NIES) are progressively notified about the status of their respective submitted declarations as their status is updated.  This feature is very beneficial to traders because it facilitates their business process, right from their office.

The Customs Offices Geo Location through Google Maps is another new feature introduced with this upgraded version.
Malta Customs is committed to continue to enhance the functionality of its mobile services in the coming years to further facilitate trade for the public as well as for the traders.
The app is available for Android and iOS phones in Play Store and App Store, respectively.