Press Release: 30,230 Euros of undeclared cash discovered by Customs

Today, in the afternoon, Customs Officials screening passengers arriving from Sicily elevated 30,230 euros of undeclared cash hidden in a vehicle.

The Chinese national, with an Italian residency permit, was traveling by car and was stopped for routine excise and currency checks by Customs Enforcement Officials. The passenger was asked if he had anything to declare to Customs, to which he responded that he is carrying empty luggages and 50euros in cash.

Upon opening one of the empty luggages, 10,000euros in cash was discovered hidden. Subsequent searches in the vehicle resulted in the discovery of a wad of cash amounting to 10,000euros hidden in the glove compartment. Following a personal search, a final wad of cash amounting 10,000euros was discovered hidden in the passenger's trousers. He was also in possession of one counterfeit fifty (50) euro note and one counterfeit hundred (100) euro note.

The passenger was handed the 10,000euros he is entitled to, with the remaining cash being seized and handed over to the Police Economic Crimes Unit along with the passenger who was placed under arrest until tomorrow's court arraignment.