Press Release: Another undeclared cash seizure made by Customs

During routine searches at the Malta Airport arrivals lounge, Customs officials making routing cash control searches have seized nearly 25,000 euros in undeclared cash.
The seizure occured this morning while screening passengers arriving from Madrid. A Libyan national was stopped after he exited the Blue Channel, which means that he was arriving from an EU airport and had nothing to declare to Customs.  When asked if he was carrying any cash, the passenger answered that he was carrying 5,000 Euro only. Unconvinced the officials performed a personal search on the passenger and his belongings and elevated a total of 34,970 Euros.
10,000 Euro was returned to the passenger, whilst the rest was seized to be presented in court. The economic crimes unit was informed and the passenger was placed under arrest pending investigation
As per EU and national law any cash over 10,000Euros have to be declared to Customs when travelling to or from Malta. This is part of an international legislation aimed at hampering money laundering.