Press Release: Another undeclared cash seizure by Customs to end the year

Customs Officials from the newly launched Anti-Money Laundering Team and the Enforcement unit, have discovered undeclared cash on a passenger during routine operations at the MIA.
An Italian-American national flying from the States through Frankfurt was flagged after his belongings were screened through the XRAY machine. A total of 16,600euros and 114 US dollars, bundled in several packets, were elevated, with 10,000 euros returned to the passenger and the rest seized to be presented in court. The passenger was placed under arrest by the Police Economic Crimes Unit pending investigation and is expected to be arraigned in court in the coming days.
This has been a record breaking year for Customs, not only in terms of Narcotics seizures which have dominated the headlines this year, but also for undeclared cash seizures with the past two weeks having four recorded cases. 
According to European law, a passenger carrying more than 10,000 euros in cash is obliged to declare them to Customs before traveling. Failure to do so will result in arrest, a hefty fine, and the seizure of the undeclared cash. This law aims at targeting money laundering, and similar laws have been adopted across the world not just the EU. The Customs Department has invested heavily in targeting undeclared cash during the past two years, and a sharp spike in positive cases has been recorded lately.