Press release: Charlie, the Customs Canine, discovers 14,000 Euros in undeclared cash at the Airport

During routine operations of the Customs Canine Unit and the Customs Anti Money Laundering Team, a passenger was discovered to carry over 14,000 Euros in undeclared cash. The money were in the following denominations: Euros, US Dollars,  Turkish Lira and Saudi Arabian Riyal.
Officials were alerted to this haul, this morning, by the reaction of Charlie, the Customs sniffer dog,  as a Yemeni passenger was waiting to board his flight to Istanbul.
After being escorted to the Customs Departures office, and performing a subsequent search on the passenger and his belongings, the equivalent of 14,064euros, in the above mentioned currencies, were discovered.
The Police Anti-Money Laundering Team was informed and the passenger was placed under arrest pending investigation.