Press Release: Customs discovers two more containers carrying 51.6kg of cocaine

 Street value 5.8million euros

Just a week after the 32.4 Million euro cocaine haul, Customs Officials have once again found 51.6 KG of cocaine hiden in reefer containers at the Malta Freeport Terminal.

During routine screening of containers arriving to and transitting through Malta, seven containers with a high risk route were selected for scanning by the Container Monitoring Unit. Following preliminary scans, two reefer container had irregularities which pointed to possible narcotics hidden in the reefers, and subsequent physical searches confirmed this:

  • the first reefer container was found to be carrying 20 packets of cocaine, weighing 24kgs and worth approximatelt 2.7 Million euro; and
  • the second reefer container  was found to be carrying 23 packets of cocaine, weighing 27.6kgs and worth 3.1 Million euro.

 In both cases the narcotics were found hidden behind the reefer’s compressor panelling.

 A total of 43 packets of cocaine, weighing 51.6 kg, were elevated with a total estimated street value of 5.8 million euros.

 Both reefer containers were carrying fruit and transited through Malta from South America en-route to Albania.

 The case was handed over to the Police Anti Drug Squad, who are conducting the investigations. The duty magistrate is leading the inquiry assisted by a team of experts from the Police Forensics Unit. The Customs Department would once again like to express its gratitude towards the Malta Police force, the Security Services of the Freeport Corporation, and the Logistics Department of the Freeport Terminals LTD for their cooperation.