Media Release: Joint Enforcement Task-force (JET) investigations yield more results

- Customs seized 1,684 bottles of wine, 1,550 unused excise stamps and 21 bottles of alcoholic beverages
Following an investigation by the Joint Enforcement Task-force (JET), searches were conducted by Officials, from the Customs Department’s Enforcement Unit, and Tax Inspectors, from the Revenue Department, which yielded a discovery of 1,674 bottles of wine which were not bearing any excise tags.
The bottles were elevated from two establishments, belonging to the same importer, in Naxxar and St Julian’s. Customs officials seized all the irregular beverages found on location. Further searches also resulted in the discovery of over 1,550 unused excise tags.The establishments do not have the neccessary tax warehouse status to keep unused excise stamps and alcoholic beverages without said stamps.
In the meantime, two other searches, conducted by the Enforcement Unit of the Customs Department, on two restaurants, in Gzira and Paceville, belonging to the same owner, yielded the discovery of 21 bottles of contraband spirits and 10 bottles of contraband wine.
The JET is a joint investigative initiative by the Customs and the Revenue Departments and this is yet another positive result achieved by the determination of the task force to curb fraudulent behaviour.