Attention all Economic Operators - Proof of status of Union Goods


All Economic Operators are being informed that in accordance with the Transit Manual Working Document (TAXUD/A2/TRA/003/2016-EN), the proof of status is required at the final Union port of destination (discharge), issued and authenticated by the competent authority (T2L). It is recommended that in these cases the proof of status accompanies the goods from the start of the transport operation.  

Proof of the customs status of Union goods through the invoice or transport document in lieu of the presentation of a T2L  The invoice or transport document shall include at least the following information:
• the full name and address of the consignor, or of the person concerned where that       person is not the consignor;
• the number and kind, marks and reference numbers of the packages;
• a description of the goods;
• the gross mass in kilograms;
• the value of the goods;
• the container numbers, if appropriate;
• the symbol T2L or T2LF, as appropriate;
• the hand-written signature of the person concerned

Note: the invoice or transport document must relate only to Union goods.

At the request of the person concerned, the invoice or transport document duly completed and signed by him shall be endorsed, by the competent office.

In the Union only: where the total value of the Union goods covered by the invoice or transport document does not exceed EUR 15000, no endorsement by the competent office is required. However, the name and address of the competent office shall be shown on the invoice or document, in addition to the above details.

In addition, the Department would like to remind you that ONLY original T2L/T2LF supported by an original copy 4 of the Single Administrative Document (SAD) and original invoices/transport documents are accepted.

This procedure also applies to Maltese Economic Operators who are sending community goods to another Member State.

For further information and clarification, you may wish to contact the Department’s Customs Economic Procedures Unit (CEPU) on Tel: 25685141/2 or by sending an email to cepu.customs@gov.mt

Alan Mamo
Director Compliance & Systems