Notice to all economic operators: Customs Online Payment

In a tangible effort to minimise the requirement of personal attendance at the Customs Department for the purpose of settlement of Customs dues, all economic operators are informed that, currently, the Department has two forms of facility in this regard.

One method is the settlement of Customs dues through the online payment system**, which is currently available through HSBC Bank Malta plc, whereby in-real-time transactions are recorded and Customs declarations duly cleared. For additional information, one may wish to send an email to compsec.customs@gov.mt

Another facility made recently available by Customs Department is the bank-to-bank transfer for both HSBC and BOV clients, in respect of normal Customs entries.  In this case, Customs Department has opened two bank accounts, that is,

Bank of Valletta p.l.c. bank account 500 03382 788; and

HSBC BANK Malta p.l.c. bank account 043 021773 052.

In this regard, payments are to be made after the complete process of the entries, including their result and, following the payment, an email is to be sent Mr Oreste Zammit (oreste.zammit@gov.mt), whose telephone number 2568 5181, with the following details:

  • Name of importer/operator;
  • EORI number;
  • Individual MRN number; and
  • Information of the Customs Department’s bank account used.

In this case, Customs’ receipts will be sent to the importer/operator, as applicable, electronically.

All economic operators are strongly encouraged to make use of these facilities in order to eliminate personal contact, as current circumstances dictate.


** Online Payment Information 
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