Att: All Economic Operators. Notice from the Customs Department: Authorisation for the release of excisable goods

In view of this prevailing corona virus circumstance,  the Customs Department would like to bring to the attention of all economic operators that importation of excisable goods which require authorisations prior to the issuing of the gate pass need to submit their request by email instead of attending the office in person.

 For non-harmonised, tobacco products or the economic operator with an Excise Registered Consginee (ERC) status,  request shall be submitted to excise.customs@gov.mt.

 For alcoholic products or an economic operator with a Tax Warehouse Keeper (TWK) status, request to be submitted to apu.customs@gov.mt.

 Customs Officer will process the documents, issue an electronic excise pass and return to the trader’s email account.  Subsequently , the economic operator would need to send the documents together with the excise pass to email address gatepasses.customs@gov.mt for the subsequent issuing of the gate pass out of the container.

 For additional clarification, kindly contact Ms Rachelle Fiorini at the Customer Services Unit (Tel: 25685121).