Attn: All Economic Operators. Bank-to-bank transfer

Attn:  All Economic Operators

Bank-to-bank transfer

In addition to the online payment process, another facility made recently available by the Department of Customs is the bank-to-bank transfer for both HSBC and BOV clients, in respect of normal Customs entries.  In this case, the Customs Department has opened two bank accounts, that is,

Bank of Valletta p.l.c. bank account 500 03382 788; and HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c. bank account 043 021773 052.

Please be informed that, henceforth, whenever payments made in favour of the Department of Customs are effected by means of the aforementioned transfer of funds method, these are to be invariably and solely made in favour of and  expressly addressed as "Department of Customs", as the payee (without any variation whatsoever thereof). 

It is regretted that, with regard to this added facility, in the event that fund transfers through the bank are otherwise addressed, such transactions would be reversed back to the respective payer. 

P.S. The above notice does not apply to transactions which are processed through the Department of Customs' online payment system, currently available through HSBC Bank Malta plc.