Press Release: Further €11,365 in undeclared cash intercepted by Customs at the Airport

  • A total of € 331,947, so far this year, was detected by Customs, making today’s interception the 22nd case.
This morning, whilst screening passengers boarding an Istanbul-bound flight, a passenger travelling to Ghana and of Togolese nationality, was selected by the Customs Anti Money Laundering Team for a currency check which lead to discovery of undeclared cash.
When approached the passenger was asked how much cash he was carrying, to which he replied about 10,000 euro. Not convinced by his reply, the officials escorted him to the Customs Offices and when asked to present all the cash he was carrying, he presented €7,775.
When questioned about the rest of the money, the Togolese national replied that he hid them in his already checked-in luggage which once offloaded and searched, it resulted in the elevation of a further €3,590. The passenger was fined on the spot and allowed to travel.