Gypsy sniffs out €21,240 in undeclared cash

Gypsy the Customs Canine sniffed out €10,240 and €11,000 in undeclared cash at the MIA departures lounge.

During the routine screening of passengers, Gypsy gave a positive indication on a passenger who was en-route to Frankfurt. The passenger, who holds an Albanian passport, failed to declare the amount of cash being carried and, following the indication by Gypsy, he was escorted by Customs Officials for a thorough search whereby €10,240 in all were found.

Another passenger, holding an Egyptian passport, was en-route to Istanbul when Gypsy reacted positively, again, to the man. It transpired that the man was carrying €11,000 in undeclared cash but only €5,500 belonged to him. He then progressed to present details of the other person to whom the cash belongs to.

Both men were offered an out-of-court settlement to which they agreed to and signed. The passengers were subsequently administered a fine.