Navigating Procedures for Participation in International Trade

The Economic Policy Division and the Customs Department, both within the Ministry for Finance and Employment, would like to invite all interested economic operators to an information seminar on Navigating Procedures for Participation in International Trade.

This event is of particular interest to those economic operators that are engaged, or would like to engage themselves, in trade with partner countries with which the EU has a Free Trade Agreement, including:

  • The United Kingdom (UK);
  • Canada;
  • South Korea;
  • Japan;
  • Singapore; and
  • Vietnam.

 The event will take place on the 16th of November at 10:00. This meeting will take place via Virtual Conference.

 The information seminar will help participants in:

  • understanding rules of origin and their importance within FTAs;
  • understanding preferential tariff rate systems in free trade agreements with the objective of lowering prices in the destination markets;
  • obtaining information about possibilities to improve/promote trade for businesses that want to export or import; and
  • acquiring a basic understanding of navigating administrative procedures associated with obtaining origin for the exported goods at the Customs Department.

 For one to participate in this event, one is to register online on https://forms.gle/4gtZht3yYAbDH7do7 by the 10th of November.