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New Document Type for exported Beverages/Beverage Containers

With the introduction of the Beverage Container Refund Scheme, Circular Economy Malta required information about the registered products of imports and acquisitions of beverages.  It has therefore become mandatory as from 13th February 2023 for declarants to include the registered barcodes in their import declarations.

As from Monday, 22nd May, declarants are being requested to include the registered barcodes in their export declaration as well.

Therefore, all products having commodity codes starting with the codes listed hereunder and having requested procedure for export i.e. procedure code starting with 10, are required to declare the BCRS Barcode Reference. The list is not exhaustive and others, including codes under headings 2106, 3907, 3923, 7010, 7323, may also be affected.

In the Produced Documents/Certificates section, the declarant/representative must select the BCRS Barcode Reference (Document Types 1063) and enters the barcode of the registered product. Products falling under the same commodity codes which are not registered, still must declare the document but enter 'NA', meaning 'not applicable'.

Only one barcode per declaration item must be entered. Therefore, if for example two products have the same commodity code but different barcodes, the product must be split in two declaration items.

 Beverages falling within the scope of L.N. 311 of 2020 (first schedule)

  1. Water and flavoured water;
  2. Non-carbonated soft drinks;
  3. Carbonated soft drinks;
  4. Ciders, beers and other malt beverages;
  5. Ready to drink coffee;
  6. Flavoured alcoholic beverages having an alcoholic content level which does not exceed 5%;
  7. Dilutables;

 Please see also for beverages container specifications (second schedule).  

List of Codes at heading level MOSTLY affected:

2201 - Mineral waters and aerated waters;

2202 - Waters, including natural or artificial mineral waters and aerated waters;

2203 - Beer made from malt;

2206 - Other fermented beverages;