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The Customs Department will be digitising the Containers’ Gate Pass exiting from the Malta Freeport Terminals.  The Gate Pass will be requested through the National Import System (NIS) by the Economic Operator who submitted the import declaration, excise declaration or provided with the Transport Document ID (TD ID) in case for non-excisable community goods. The new Gate Passes module will be available as from the 29th August 2022.

Import or Excise Declarations

The Import or Excise declaration status must be in either SELECTED FOR CONTROL or GOODS RELEASED for the system to accept a Gate Pass request.  In case taxes are due, the system will prompt the representative to provide the Suspense Payment Reference number.

Economic Operators must inform the Customer Services Unit to book for inspection containers SELECTED FOR CONTROL.  On the other hand, C-Status excisable containers must be booked at the respective Excise Section.  The dispatch note is no longer required.

Non-excisable Community Goods

For non-excisable community goods the T Status of the goods must be either C or T2L and the Transport Document should be already accepted into Customs area.  The user will be prompted to upload a scanned copy of the Proof of Union Status when submitting the Gate Pass request.   The Customer Services Section will review the document uploaded and approve or otherwise the request.

The user will then send the Gate Pass by entering the email address of the recipient who will be collecting the container.  The system will automatically send an email to the recipient.  The Gate Pass may also be printed.  The Gate Pass has a validity period of ten (10) days after which an extension may be requested.

Whenever a Container needs to be scanned, the scanning message TO BE SCANNED will be printed on the Gate Pass.  The haulier has to proceed to the Scanning Unit before exiting the gate.  The scanning message may still be updated until the Container is Exited.

The haulier has to present either the printed Gate Pass or provide the Gate Pass on the mobile phone at the gate.  The Gate Assistant will request the Haulier’s ID Card No and the Vehicle Registration Number and instruct the haulier how to proceed.

To avoid any delays, it is imperative that the container numbers and any other information provided are correct.

Users are requested to follow the system guidelines on the Customs web site here and refer to the FAQs here.   

If support is required users are instructed to refer to the Customer Care (Gate Passes) for support (email: [email protected]).


The current gate passes will remain available until the 25th September 2022 after which only the new gate passes will be valid.


Is a Gate Pass required to transfer a Container from Freeport Terminals to Halfar Groupage Complex?

A. No a Gate Pass is not required but the haulier must present a printed copy of the TMSD issued through the Manifest System.

Q. Is a Gate Pass required for a container to be exited against a Transit T1 document (ex-TSB)?

A. No a Gate Pass is not required but the haulier must present a printed copy of the Transit T1 document, stamped and signed by the issuing Customs Officer.

Q. Is a printed copy of the Gate Pass accepted at the gate?

A. Yes, it is accepted.  Alternatively, the haulier may present the gate pass on the mobile phone as well.  In both cases, QR Codes must be legible.  The request for scanning may be updated up till the container is exited.  Therefore even though on the print out, the scanning notification is not shown, the container may still be scanned.