Press Release: Customs seize, for the second consecutive day, more than 8,000 euros in undeclared cash

Customs officials from the Anti-Money Laundering Team, screening passengers at the departure lounge, today, have, for the second day running, seized undeclared cash on a passenger leaving the island.

The passenger was leaving the Malta to Mitiga, Libya, when he was stopped by Customs Officials for a currency check. When asked how much cash he is carrying he first said 10,000 Euros and then quickly changed version to 6,000 US dollars. A search on the passenger, and his belongings, was carried out and a total of 18,903 Euros were elevated.

10,000 Euros were returned to the passenger with the rest being seized by Customs. The passenger was also found to be overstaying illegally as his visa expired earlier in February. The Police Anti-Money Laundering Section was notified. The passenger was placed under arrest to be arraigned in court in the coming days.