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Media Release: Customs Officials at the airport have once again discovered undeclared cash leaving the Island through the Airport.

Officials screening passengers at the non-schengen departure lounge asked an Italian national how much cash he was carrying, to which he answered less than 10,000. Upon being escorted to the Customs Office and having his belongings searched, a total of €11,405 were elevated.

The passenger agreed to forfeit the money in excess of 10,000 euros as an out of court setilment. Under the new legislation pertaining to undeclared cash, which recently went into force, the passenger is able to forfeit the cash in excess of the equivalent of 10,000 euros, to avoid appearing in court and risking a heavy fine. This is the second time that Subsidiary Legislation 233.07 of the Laws of Malta was put in to force.
This legislation states, that, if a passenger is found carrying undeclared cash that amounts to under 20,000 euros, he can agree to an out of court settlement with the Customs Department, thus avoiding losing his flight and avoiding to appear in court and possible being fined.