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Press Release: Members of the Customs Anti Money Laundering team have made a substantial discovery of nearly 130,000 euros in undeclared cash.

During a routine Customs cash control exercise at the Departures Lounge of the Malta International Airport, a Libyan National, embarking a flight to Istanbul, was stopped for cash control, in terms of the Cash Control Regulations, and an inspection on him personally, his luggage and his personal belongings was conducted.

Whilst searching the passenger's hand luggage, the officials from the Customs Anti-Money Laundering Team discovered a false bottom, which concealed large sums of cash. A total of 127,506 euros in large denominations were subsequently elevated from this hidden compartment. This is the second largest undeclared cash seizure made by the Customs Anti Money Laundering Section, making 2019 a record breaking year in terms of undeclared cash seizures.

The Police Anti-Money Laundering section was immediately informed who placed the passenger under arrest pending investigation. As per European and national law, 10,000 euros were returned to the passenger and the rest withheld pending investigation.

Just two days ago,  Sophie, the Customs Sniffer dog, gave a positive indication on a Ukranian national travelling to Istanbul during routine checks at the Departure Lounge. The passenger was discovered to be carrying 10,559euros and agreed to an out of court settlement were he forfeited the 559euros.