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Press release: Two further undeclared cash seizure made by Customs

Yesterday, during routine cash control checks by Customs officials from the anti money laundering team and the enforcement section, over 21,000 euros of undeclared cash were found on two separate passengers.

Both passengers were Ivorian nationals and were departing Malta to Istanbul. The officials escorted both passengers to their Customs office to check how much cash they were carrying. Searches on one passenger resulted in the discovery of 11,760euros. Whilst searches on the second passenger resulted in the discovery of 10,000euros hidden in his trousers.

The former agreed to forfeit his cash in excess of 10,000euros and the latter was fined 200euros as per legislation.

These are the third and fourth positive cases of undeclared cash seizures by Customs in a matter of days bringing this week's tally to over 160,000 euros.