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Media Release: Another 16,000 euros in undeclared cash sniffed out by Sophie the Customs Dog

Yesterday evening, during routine checks by the Customs Canine Unit at the Arrivals Lounge of the Malta International Airport, Sophie, the customs sniffer dog, discovered 16,000euros in undeclared cash, on a pseenger just arriving from abroad.

The passenger was asked how much cash he is carrying, to which he replied 10,000euros. The officials were not convinced about the declaration, and following a search, both on him and  his belongings, a total of 16,000euros were elevated.

The passenger agreed to forfeit the cash in excess of 10,000euros as an out of court settlement as allowed by the law. Albeit the six month of the year, 2019 is definitely a record breaking year in terms of undeclared cash seizures, thanks to the efforts by the new Canine Unit and the Anti-Money Laundering Team of the Customs Department.