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PRESS RELEASE: Customs Department - Notice to Economic Operators

Extended working hours for better public convenience

Following last week's announcement by the Customs Department that, as part of the Department's ongoing initiatives, aimed towards the implementation of working hours for better public convenience, the Special Procedures Unit (former Customs Economic Procedures Unit) and the Verification Unit will be assisting the public daily between 0730 hrs and 1530 hrsduring the summer half-days period, the service is being extended to other sections.

Therefore, the Customs Department announces that Customs employees stationed at the:

  • Customs Warehousing Unit;
  • Central Transit Office;
  • Alcohol Beverages Unit;
  • Energy Products Unit;
  • Excise Rebates Processing Unit,
  • Legal Office;
  • Customs Intelligence Services,
  • Risk Management Unit;
  • Administrative Support & Investigations Office;
  • Intellectual Property Rights Unit; and
  • Post Clearance Audit Office
during the summer half-days period will be also assisting the public daily between 0730 hrs and 1530 hrs.

The Customs Department would like to thank the Department's employees for their collaboration in this trade facilitation scheme.