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Press Release: Once more, officials from the Customs Anti Money Laundering Team have intercepted undeclared cash leaving the Island.

Officials carrying out cash control checks at the Airport's Departures Lounge escorted an Irish passenger to the Customs Office. He was leaving Malta for Amman early this morning and was waiting to board his flight. Upon searching his belongings Customs Officials elevated 31,390euros.
10,000 euro were returned to the passenger whilst the rest was seized pending investigations.
This legislation dictates that any amount of cash over 10,000 euros has to be declared to Customs. This law in not only EU wide, but nearly all countries around the world have adapted similar legal measures. There is no limit to how much cash is carried by any passenger, as long as they are declared to Customs.
So far, this year, 29 case were detected by Customs, with a total amount of EUR 780,824 of undeclared cash.