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Press Release: The Customs Canine Unit one year on

The  Customs Department launched its new Customs Canine Unit late last  September, following an investment by the Department as well as OLAF, under the Hercule III programme.

The much needed Unit aimed at hampering the importation of illicit goods through our seaports and airports. Albeit new,  and with the cadets still under intensive training, during the past ten  months the four legged officials and their handlers managed to tally up  very positive results. In fact, with six operational canines, the unit managed to locate and lead officials to the discovery of:
·  Undeclared Cash 270,397 euros;
·  Narcotics 15.6kg;
·  Tobacco 44 kg;
·  97 Cartons of undeclared Cigarettes;
·  Shisha 15kg; and
·  Snus 1791 tins.
These results are the fruit of the hard training these canines, and their handlers,  undergo on a daily basis, and with more handlers and canines  approaching their training completion and operational status, there is  room for more improvement and a capitalisation on these results.