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Press Release: Customs breaks all-time record in Intellectual Property detections

Albeit a small island, Malta’s Customs Department is one of the best Customs entities around the globe in the fight against infringements of the Intellectual Property Rights. 

This IPR Unit, within Customs, was so successful that it was awarded the top global Anti-Counterfeiting Award in 2017. This past year the Unit kept on capitalising on the success by breaking all previous IPR records. The seizures include;

• 91,740 mobile accessories;
• 277,640 hair and beauty products;
• 47.7 million cigarettes;
• 30,492 footballs; and
• 126,660 items of clothing and shoes.

There is no doubt that the IPR Unit will keep breaking record after record, keeping the Malta Customs Department at the top of the game. The counterfeiting trade not only funds criminal organizations but promotes child and slave labour, negatively impacts the global financial stability, and outs end consumers in high health risks.