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The EU Commission’s DG Taxud, on Thursday 19 September, will publish its annual report on EU Customs Enforcement of IPR – Result at the EU borders in 2018

Here is a short summary of key figures:


  •         Customs, across the EU, detained 69, 354 cases with more than 26.7 million products suspected of violating intellectual property rights;
  •         The value of the detained goods is just over 738 million EURO;

  •         Cigarettes accounted for the largest number of articles in detentions (15 %), followed by toys (14 %) and packaging materials (9 %);

  •         Postal and courier packages accounted for around 84% of customs interventions, with 19% of the detentions in postal traffic concerning packaging materials;

  •         Malta Customs placed in the 3rd place among all Member States as regards to seized quantities; and

  •         China continued to be the main source.

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Report on EU customs enforcement of IPR 2018