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Press Release: 7,864 cigarettes, 232 bottles of alcohol products and 150 excise bandaroles seized by Customs


During the weekend, Customs Enforcement Official seized 7,864 undeclared cigarettes, 232 bottles of wines and spirits without an excise stamp affixed as well as 150 unused excise stamps.
In the first case, Enforcement Officials carried out a rummage on a bunkering vessel returning to the port. Following the inspection a total of 3,264 undeclared cigarettes having no excise stamps were elevated and subsequently seized. 
In another two cases, the officials were carrying out routine inspections in Luqa and Valletta. These routine inspections occur frequently to elevate contraband goods from the market as well as hamper excise fraud. Two particular outlets from the aforementioned localities were found to stock items without excise stamps and also unused excise bandaroles. The wines and spirits seized should have had excise stamps affixed to them to confirm that the excise tax, which is being charged to the end consumer, was actually paid to the Customs Department. 
Finally, Customs was handed over by the Police Department, 4,600 contraband cigarettes, which were seized during a Police raid in a bar in Valletta. The Police Department handed over the case to the Customs Department to start legal proceedings according to the Excise Duty Act (CHAPTER 382).