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Press Release: Customs seize 1.7 tonnes of shisha tobacco from a San Gwann barber shop

-  A busy Christmas week for Customs
-  Cigarettes seized in Luqa and Siggiewi

The Christmas holidays have proven busy for the Customs Department with Customs Enforcement officials seizing, in three separate cases, 1.7 tonnes (1,700kgs) of shisha tobacco, 7,600 contraband cigarettes and a cigarette vending machine.

Yesterday, following hours of observation, 1.7 tonnes of shisha tobacco, with no excise paid on it, were seized by Customs Officials from a barber shop in San Gwann. Customs Officials intervened in a vacant store adjacent to the barber shop and have elevated 52 master cases full of shisha tobacco. The estimated endangered taxes exceed 65,000 Euros. The Police Economic Crimes Unit was called on the scene and commenced their investigations. Duty Magistrate was laso duly informed. Several people were called for interrogation and it is believed that some of the suspects will be arraigned in court in the coming days.

Meanwhile, in Siggiewi, Customs Enforcement Officials, accompanied by Police Officials from the Siggiewi Police Station,, inspected two garages belonging to the same person and elevated a total of 7,600 cigarettes baring no excise duty stamps.

In another separate case, a cigarette vending machine was seized from a bar in Luqa after it was found to be selling cigarettes over the stipulated prices without warning customers with a visible notice as required by law. The operator refused to open the vending machine and the officials consequently seized the vending machine with its contents.

The hard work and dedication of Customs Officials doesn’t stop, not even for Christmas, and as times go by the Enforcement Unit keeps closing in on illicit traders damaging our country’s financial interests