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Press release: 45,000euros in undeclared cash discovered by Customs in the last hours.

   • Customs discovered over €45,000 of undeclared cash at the Airport Departures Lounge in three separate cases.
In the first case, Customs Officials from the Anti Money Laundering Team discovered €31,200 of undeclared cash at the Airport Departures Lounge. The cash was found on two separate individuals departing from Malta to an EU Member State during routine cash control checks.
   • Furthermore, during a joint customs operation between the Customs Canine Unit and the Anti-Money Laundering Team, one of the Customs sniffer dogs gave a positive indication on a passenger departing to a non-EU country. This lead to searches on said passenger which resulted in the elevation of €13,880.
During 2019, Customs discovered a record breaking amount of 66 cases amounting to €1,547,116 in undeclared cash. By European and national law, passengers are obliged to declare any amount of cash over the amount of €10,000 (or equivalent) to Customs upon arriving, departing or transiting to/through Malta.