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Press release: Customs continues to ensure that are borders are safe

On two separate cases, two full load containers, falsely declared as containing monitors, when in fact they were full of television sets, and another full load container, falsely declared as containing generators, when it was full of air conditioning units, were witheld by the Customs Department for further investigations.

 All three containers were intended for the domestic market.

 In the first two containers, 1,627 television sets were found, while the second container was carrying 188 A/C indoor units and 171 A/C outdoor units. In both cases, the importers were presented with a seizure note. 

Meanwhile, Customs Enforcement Officials have seized 3,880 cigarettes from a cargo ship which entered the Malta Freeport Terminal last night.

The ship's captain had declared on the pratique deposition presented to Customs that the ship or its crew were not carrying any other cigarettes except those declared as ship stores. However, following a rummage search on the ship by Customs Enforcement Officials, almost 20 cartons of cigarettes not bearing any excise banderoles were elevated. 

The cigarettes were seized pending investigation by the Customs Department. 

In delicate times like these, Customs Officials still make sure our borders are safe from contraband operations which endanger the nation's fiscal interests.