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Press release: Container, falsely declared to Customs as carrying toys, found to contain a huge consignment of pyrotechnics

Customs continues to ensure that the borders are safe

A forty foot full load container, falsely declared to Customs as containing a consignment of plastic toy cars and plastic balls, when in fact it was carrying pyrotechnics, was witheld by the Customs Department for further investigations.

 The container, which originated from China, was unloaded at Malta Freeport, in transit to Libya and was one of several containers scanned by Malta Customs yesterday. The scan image revealed several inconsistencies and when physically examining the container, Customs Officials found a stack of branded sport shoes cover-loading a huge concealed consignment of over 900 cartons of pyrotechnics, exceeding 24,000 kilos in weight.

In delicate times like these, Customs Officials are still making sure that our borders are safe from any illicit activities in the supply chain.