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Press release: €75,000 in Undeclared cash intercepted by Customs.

Once again, during routine screening of passengers by the Anti-Money Laundering Team at the airport's arrival lounge, one passenger was selected for a currency check.

During said check the passenger, who had just arrived from Bucharest, was asked how much cash he was carrying to which he replied that he wasn’t carrying any forms of cash. Not convinced by his answer, the passenger was escorted to the Customs Office and following searches carried out on the said passenger and in his personal belongings a Bank Draft amounting to 75,600euros was elevated. The police took the passenger into custody for further investigation.

Passengers are obliged to declare any amount of cash including Cheques and Bank Drafts which amount to 10,000euros or more whether arriving, departing or transiting through Malta. Similar laws apply to most countries around the world.