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Press Release: 11,380 Euro in undeclared Cash discovered by Sophie the Sniffer Dog.

During routine checks by the Customs AMLT Section in conjunction with the Customs Canine Team, a passenger was selected for a currency check as Canine Sophie, correctly indicated that a considerable amount of cash was present. This was the fourth case in a matter of days.

During the said check, the passenger en-route to Istanbul was asked how much cash she were carrying. Said passenger immediately informed Customs Officials that she was carrying exactly 10,000 Euro. Not convinced by her claim, the passenger was escorted to the Customs Office and following searches carried out on her person and in her belongings, 11,380 Euro was elevated.
During the month of October to date, the Customs Anti-Money Laundering Team along side with the assistance of the Canine Team intercepted a total amount of 77,750 Euro of undeclared cash in 6 separate cases. This result proves the importance of co-ordination between certain sections such as the Canine Unit and the Customs Anti-Money Laundering Team in the on-going battle when intercepting undeclared movements of cash.   
As per national legislation, the passenger agreed to sign an out of court settlement agreement and was fined accordingly. Any cash or signed cheques valued 10,000 Euro or more, are to be declared to Customs when travelling to, through and from Malta. This is also applicable to all other EU countries.