Press release: Airport passenger, of Brazilian nationality, found to be carrying around 3kg of marijuana

Around 3kg of marijuana were seized by Customs Officials at the Malta International Airport yesterday from a passenger travelling to Malta from Barcelona.
A passenger, of Brazilian nationality, was caught trying to smuggle marijuana after being asked to have his luggage scanned.
The X-ray scan revealed irregularities which led to the search of the passenger’s belongings in his luggage and a personal body search on the passenger. The search led to the discovery of 3 packets of what a narcotics field test later confirmed to be around 3kg of marijuana.
The Anti-Drug Squad Police were informed about the case and arrived shortly after. The passenger is expected to be arraigned shortly.
Following the case involving the importation and trafficking of 18,000 cigarettes containing cannabis substance, this is the second case, in a matter of days, demonstrating the existing excellent collaboration between the Customs Department and Malta’s Police Force.