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Malta Customs appointed as Grant Coordinator for Phase III of the Expert Team on Customs IT systems

Malta Customs has taken up the role of Grant Coordinator for Phase III of the Expert Team on new approaches to develop and operate Customs IT systems (ETCIT), for the coming eighteen months.

This ETCIT project was established by the European Commission in 2018, in order to pursue the objectives agreed in the Council Conclusions on the way forward to developing Customs IT systems by carrying out a study, including the scope of a pilot project, stakeholder analysis, financing options and possible involvement of a permanent structure or shared supplier for IT, in line with the Tallinn Declaration.

The Expert Team investigates best practice regarding future development and operation of Customs IT Systems for collaboration tools, cost reduction and increased efficiency. The Expert Team is to provide input on how to implement a long-term strategy on Customs IT and deliver a vision for strategic and operational IT collaboration post 2025.

Following the conclusion of the ETCIT II, which started on 1 October 2019, the Project will now enter into Phase III, due to start in February 2022.