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Customs Malta intercepts €30,373 in undeclared cash at the MIA and ferry terminal

In two separate cases, Customs Malta intercepted a total of €30,373 in undeclared cash.

A Romanian man was stopped by Customs Officers during a random currency control check at the ferry terminal and was found to be carrying €11,445 in undeclared cash.  The Romanian was travelling to Sicily.

At the Malta International Airport, Charlie the Customs Canine sniffed out a total of €18,928 in undeclared cash at the departures lounge. A Swedish passenger en-route to Turkey was searched thoroughly after Charlie gave a positive indication towards the passenger. The Swedish man initially said he was carrying €15,000, but a thorough search led to the discovery of €18,928 in undeclared cash.

Both passengers were offered an out-of-court settlement to which they agreed to and signed and were administered a fine.