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Customs Canine Officers Gypsy and Charlie sniff out €31,410 in undeclared cash

  • Three passengers carrying €31,410 in undeclared cash were intercepted by Customs Malta at the MIA

Gypsy the Customs Canine made a positive reaction towards two Syrian passengers travelling to Erbil, in Iraq.

One of the Syrian passengers was approached by Customs Officials and asked to declare how much money he was carrying, to which he replied to approximately €7,000.

A thorough search led to the discovery of €8,000 in a small bag he was carrying and another €2,095 in his checked-in luggage.

The other Syrian passenger was found to be carrying €10,130 in total, in undeclared cash.

Customs Canine Charlie also intercepted €11,185 in undeclared cash at the MIA departures lounge, after giving a positive indication towards a Somali passenger.

The passenger, who was travelling to Dakar via Istanbul, was stopped by Customs Officials for a currency check. He declared he was carrying around €7,000 but a thorough search led to the discovery of €11,185 in undeclared cash.

All three passengers were offered an out-of-court settlement to which they agreed to and signed and were administered a fine.