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Customs Malta intercepts another 19 vehicles stolen from Canada

Customs Malta has intercepted a third wave of stolen vehicles from Canada, whereby 19 cars were found to be hidden in 10 forty-foot containers which were en-route to Dubai.

Customs officials at the Freeport intercepted, through their scanning equipment, the following vehicles:

six Range rover sport;

one Toyota highlander;

two Lexus RX350;

one Nissan;

one Lexus 350;

one Toyota RAV4;

one Dodge;

four Range rover;

two Dodge ram vans.

To date, during several Customs operations, 43 containers with 78 stolen vehicles from Canada were seized by Customs. The Malta Police Force and the Canadian Authorities have been informed about the find and an investigation has been launched.

Malta Customs’ efforts, so far, has helped Canadian Police file charges against 9 persons suspected of being linked to violent car-jackings.

Meanwhile, Malta and Canada’s joint efforts has led to the re-patriation of the first wave of stolen vehicles consisting of 33 containers with 59 of the stolen vehicles.