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Attn: All Economic Operators Processing of applications by the Customs Special Procedures Unit (SPU) (2)

In addition to the notice relayed to all Economic Operators a couple of days ago,  Processing of applications by the Customs Special Procedures Unit (SPU),  the Customs Department would like to inform that the European Commission gave the green light to the Customs authorities in the EU and in the EU’s trade partner countries to accept upon importation, during the crisis period and until further notice, origin certificates for preferential purposes in the form of a copy, issued on paper or electronically. This should be accepted in view of the serious restrictions to fight the coronavirus that have been put in place in the EU as in partner countries, which are making impossible to provide original certificates to exporters. Importers should nevertheless obtain from exporters once the situation will be back to normal the corresponding original certificates.

Importing country customs authorities of EU Member States and of the EU trading partners may request the submission of a copy of the certificate in accordance with their regulations and practices and with the relevant provisions of the preferential trade arrangement concerned.

Essentially, this means that processing of T2L’s, EUR1 and ATR certificates will also be processed electronically.  Thus, you are kindly being asked to send your request supported with all the relevant documents to the generic email account [email protected].  The certificate will be processed and returned to the same email address.


The Special Procedures Unit has now moved all of its processes from manual to electronic. As from Monday, 30th March, the office will attend economic operators in person for special circumstances only and by appointment.