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Notice: Non-EU Groupage Consignments (2)

Non-EU Groupage Consignments (2)

Further to previous notice issued by the Customs Department, all cargo clearance and forwarding agents are being reminded again that all Groupage Containers/Trailers transporting Non-EU (Customs status T1) goods must be Despatched and placed in Temporary Storage at Hal-Far Groupage Complex.

This means that only the current Hal-Far Groupage Bond Operators can and should deal with Groupage T1 goods; however, due to the situation brought about by BREXIT, other agents are being allowed by Customs to enter into an agreement with current bond operators to enable them to place T1 goods in their  bonds until they are assigned a Customs-approved procedure.

These T1 trailers/containers shall be moved under Customs seals from the place of arrival in Malta (Deep Water Quay/ Lab Wharf/ Freeport) to the Operators’ bonds at Hal-Far Groupage under the National Transit Procedure of the Customs Electronic System (TMSD)

As per normal procedure, the groupage cargo in these containers/trailers shall then be tallied and deconsolidated by the bond operator, whereby each consignment is to be assigned a TDID number under office code 600 (which must then be used to lodge the Customs Declaration)

Facilitation Procedure Regarding Groupage Reefer Containers/Trailers Transporting Temperature-Controlled Non-Eu Goods (T1) Mixed With Status-C Goods

  • Since there are no refrigerated bonds or coolers in Hal-Far Complex, and in order to avoid critical fluctuations in temperatures during storage, agents/bond operators are being given the option to transfer (to Agent’s premises for ideal storage conditions) any T1 goods which are mixed with other status-C goods. This is to facilitate the immediate unstuffing and delivery of EU goods; however, hereunder are the procedures that must be followed;
  • Trailers/containers to be despatched to Hal-Far GRPG just the same against TMSD;
  • The T1 goods to be tallied by Customs against manifest list and the Transit T1 accompanying document (TAD) – the latter must always be presented   together with the goods intact at the Customs office of destination;
  • Goods to be allowed to exit Hal-Far Gate immediately against the already-prepared delivery orders and Gate-passes-out (however, the T1 goods to be just transferred AND NOT RELEASED, i.e – to be kept unopened at agent’s facility etc.;
  • Since the T1 goods will mostly consist of perishables, importer/agent is expected to lodge the Customs entry within 24hrs;
  • If control result of Customs entry is GREEN (without inspection), then release by Customs to be given remotely and electronically by email through halfar.customs@gov.mt;
  • If control result is RED, agent/importer to request inspection by Customs officials at premises at his expense.