Director Finance and Administration

Main Areas of Responsibility

  • To support the Permanent Secretary/Ministry in all areas related to People Management ;
  • To plan human resources by assessing needs gaps, succession plans and development and training needs of staff;
  • To execute the programmes and initiatives reflected in the agreed Annual Financial Estimates, the three-year Business Plans and the three-year Malta Customs Business Strategy;
  • To evaluate resource allocation, costs and performances
  • To offer quality and informed advice to the Director General (Customs) and the Ministry for Finance and Financial Services on tax issues, budgetary measures and other legislative proposals and ensuring the correct interpretation and full awareness of existing Customs legislation;
  • To tap into EU funding for Customs’ capital programme and introduce effective control measures in financial matters both at National and at European Union levels, including the monthly monitoring and control of the Department’s financial performance where both revenue and expenditure are concerned.

Core functions

  • To manage the payroll administration;
  • To process all accounting transactions receivable and payable such as cash receipts and expenses;
  • To ensure that the Department pays its suppliers and/or debtors on time;
  • To monitor income and expenditure;
  • To provide ongoing human resources support to all Customs personnel;
  • To ensure timely submission of monthly requests, reconciliations and financial statement reports;
  • To continuously develop modern personnel and finance systems, including the responsibility for Health & Safety issues and Green initiatives;
  • To provide an effective and efficient service, including a friendly environment within client-facing offices within Customs Department;
  • To design, monitor and control the HR and Business Plans and translate into action by measuring achievement against planned benchmarks and taking corrective action where necessary;
  • To support the implementation of the Corporate Financial Management Solution within Customs, Department;
  • To contribute to the Business Planning and Financial Estimates process by developing Departmental Plans which are in line with both Department and Ministry objectives;
  • To liaise with other Government departments, especially the People and Standards Division (OPM), the MFE’s Director (Corporate Services), Commissioner for Revenue and the Central Agencies on matters that relate to Customs’ Department’s structures, systems and expertise;
  • To co-ordinate the Finance function of the Department in the preparation of Business Plans, accounting operations and reporting;
  • To attend the regular Departmental Management Committee meetings and meetings at EU level, including where Traditional Own Resources are concerned.
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