Contact Customs at Malta International Airport

Customs at the Malta International Airport (MIA) strive to provide the necessary information and guidance to travellers, while visiting the Maltese islands.  Travellers may choose to contact Customs at MIA by e-mail or by phone. On their part, Customs at MIA are committed to answer any query raised by the traveller. Answers to questions raised via e-mail will be answered in the least possible time, but will endeavor to respond in not more than 12 hours after the question is received.  Whereas, questions raised by phone will be answered in real time.

Office: +356 21248044/9868 (during office hours only, from 08:00 to 17:00 CET)

Duty Officer:
 +356 23696119 (round the clock service 24/7)

Duty Inspector: +356 79745556 (round the clock service 24/7)

 [email protected]
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