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Payment Facilities

The significant difference between

Online Payments and Internet Banking Payments

The online payment facility is the principle 24/7 method of effecting payments in favour of the Customs Department and is truly efficient due to the fact that it is simpler and more beneficial to economic operators.  When using the online payment system, economic operators use a website specifically for this purpose and are promptly provided with their payment receipt and may process their importation declarations in real time.

To date, the Department of Customs’ Online Payment System is available for the benefit of clients of:

Bank of Valletta plc and HSBC Bank Malta plc

All traders, who do not have access to this Online Payment website, are, therefore, highly encouraged to apply. For application purposes and assistance of a purely technical nature, economic operators are requested to communicate with Customs Department’s Computer Section on email address or telephone number 25685284. For general assistance in connection with the required transaction, communication is to be made with Customs’ Cash Office, on email address or telephone number 25685181.


As a temporary transitory system, complementary to the Online Payment System, the Department of Customs also offers internet banking facilities, to date, with the following banks:

APS Bank plc; Bank of Valletta plc; HSBC Bank Malta plc; and Lombard Bank plc.

While Customs Department's bank accounts, for the settlement of payments through internet banking, may be accessed here, Economic operators are required to correctly input the respective bank account details, corresponding to the nature of payment, that is:

Either, settlement of duties (MRNs) and other payments, excluding merchant requests.  In this case, an email is to be sent on email address:, quoting the respective MRN number or other reference number, as applicable, and attaching the respective proof-of-payment;

Or, settlement of dues in respect of merchant requests.  In this case, an email is to be sent on email address:, quoting the respective invoice number.


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