Q. I intend to learn how to input Customs declarations for the CES Modules. Does the Customs Department provide training for traders?
A. The Customs Department’s Training Unit  (email: [email protected] and/or on telephone numbers 23783554/5/6/7) provides training to traders required for the Import, Export and Manifest Modules on request.

Q. I am scheduled to attend a training session. How do I find the Customs Training Rooms at Hal Far Groupage Bonds Complex?
A. Driving on on the Hal Far Road in the direction towards Malta Freeport, go past the Hal Far Barracks and the ETC. Then just before the Recycling plant you will find the both the  parking and the Main Gate (both in the images below) to the Hal Far Groupage Bonds Complex. This is where the Customs Training rooms are located.
  Hal Far Bonds parking areaHal Far Bonds

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