National Import System (NIS)

Q. Which internet browsers are compatible with the National Import System (NIS)?
A. Internet Explorer 10 & 11, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari are all compatible with the NIS.

Q. What is the preferred width resolution when using the National Import System (NIS)?
A. The preferred width resolution is 1280px.

Q. How can the screen resolution be adjusted?
A. To adjust the resolution of the screen follow these steps:
  • Right-click on the desktop and click Screen resolution.
  • Choose from the Resolution dropdown which looks best on your screen. The width is the first number of the resolution.
  • Click OK to save your changes. 

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Q. How can the browser cache be cleared?
The following are links to instructions on how to clear the cache on each browser:

Q. How can the browser cache bet set to clear automatically once the browser is closed
The following are links to instructions on how to set each browser to clear it's cache automatically:
  Q. Status of the declaration is not being printed
A. Click Here


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