Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)

The Malta Customs Intellectual Property Rights Unit

The Malta Customs Intellectual Property Rights Unit – Enforcement Directorate operates in terms of the Intellectual Property Rights Cross border measures Act Vlll of 2000 chapter 414 of the Laws of MaltaEC Regulations 608/2013 and  Commision Implementing Regulations1352/2013.

Protect your IP rights,act now. Customs presence at all the European Union external borders plays an essential role in protecting Intellectual Property Rights within the European Customs Territory and beyond. In order to maintain the significant results in the fight against counterfeiting and piracy, customs require the right holders’ co-operation. The most effective tool at the right-holder’s disposal is to seek customs protection in defending their rights. You can protect your IP rights against counterfeiters by filing a single application for action with one of the 27 Member States competent customs authorities. Enforcing your rights involves no administrative customs charges whatsoever.

An application manual explaining the IPR application for action procedure is also available. Completed applications must be sent to the Competent Customs Authority of the right-holder’s Member State of preference as listed here in the EU Commission Website.

The IP Enforcement Portal (IPEP) for eAFA filing, is

Updated 20/01/22 Enforcement Directorate

Community or National Application for Action Forms

Application for Action;

Community and National Extension;

form to be used to notify customs about urgent, specific information.
NEW TRENDS - form to be used to notify customs about new trends

Frequently Asked Questions - Regarding Copyright
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